Pastoral Care

Christian pastoral care…

  • flows from our commitment to love one another because we are loved by God.
  • is about developing good relationships and enabling one another to follow and become more like Jesus.
  • reflects God’s desire to bring healing and wholeness of spirit, mind and body.
  • seeks to guide people to see God at work in their lives and to co-operate with him.


What we can do

  • If you (or someone close) is unwell we can offer prayer and a listening ear.
  • Prayer support via the prayer chain.
  • Short-term help like arranging transport, arranging meals or referring to services.
  • Pastoral carers who will work confidentially with you and who are aware of the kind of issues you may wish to talk about.
  • One to one discipleship and biblical reflection.


Things we won’t do

  • Judge.
  • Diagnose or recommend medication.
  • Discuss confidential issues with others.
  • Replace Social Services or other agencies.
  • Cover for illegal or harmful activity.

Safeguarding Summary

  • The safety of children and vulnerable adults is a top priority at LBC. If you have a concern prompt action is always required.
  • In an emergency call 999.
  • Inform our safeguarding officers at
  • Keep a record of what happened, your concern and your action.

Accessing pastoral care

house groups & friends // for many this is the first point of contact for getting support. Everyone is involved in pastoral care on some level but if more help is needed then you can…

email //