Our Story


Leominster Baptist Church has a long and varied history and we are the result of years of God’s grace and goodness. LBC was founded in 1694 by John Tombes. Members began by meeting in the home of a Mr Joseph Patshall with the purpose of “seeking God, giving themselves up to Him and to one another and to walk together in all instructions of Jesus”.

In 1771 one of the members, Mary Marlow, generously supported the building of the current chapel. She also funded a minister’s house and two cottages for poor widows of the Church. Her generosity in supporting the church and the poor in the area was well known and shaped the church’s future.


The chapel has, since that date, been under the ministry of a variety of pastors and has seen revivals, growth and change particularly in the transformed lives of people in the Leominster area.

The church today is one of the oldest baptist churches in England but we continue to pursue God in our current time and location and we depend on that same grace that has kept the church family for so many years. In 2014 we appointed a new pastor and are just as committed to living in the light of the gospel of Jesus. In fact although the world has changed, our heartbeat and intention is not much different to that of those original members- “To seek God, to give ourselves up to Jesus and to walk with one another and with Him as He leads”… wherever that may take us.

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