Mission & Vision



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The heart of our faith is not something that we do but something we are given. We want to make sure that, before we try to walk in the ways of Jesus, we first ground ourselves in the incredible love and grace of our Father. We aim to always come back to a place of resting in the presence of God which is now available to us because of what Jesus has done. We don’t want to simply talk about love but we want to enjoy it and experience it as a reality in our lives. We want to be on a passionate, open pursuit to connect with God at the level to which he has invited us.

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Having received such an incredible gift, we want to live out our lives in a new way. We do this by living in the ways of Jesus. We do not believe that understanding alone is enough, neither is simply doing good. We want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus which requires faith and surrender. We embrace his kingdom and allow Him to guide and instruct us. We have found there is incredible freedom and joy in allowing Jesus to take the lead.

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We are passionate about giving away the love of God to others. We seek to welcome and respond to the Holy Spirit in order to impact the area of Leominster and beyond. We believe our role in the world is to make the grace of an invisible God visible wherever we are. For some this means travelling away but for most it means finding the opportunities and ways in which God is working in our own lives, the lives of our families and our places  of work and play. When we see God working, we then try to find ways to join in.