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Below are details of regular events at the church 
Further down the page is a calendar giving details of upcoming events
Regular events
10.30 – Prayer meeting
11.00 – Morning worship (including communion on 3rd Sunday)
           Sunday Spectrum and N-ergize
18.00 – Prayer meeting
18.30 – Evening worship (including communion on 1st Sunday)
07.00 – Men’s prayer meeting (fortnightly)
10.00 – Full Circle (3rd Monday)
10.30 – Job Club (course runs termly)
14.30 – Cream tea (4th Tuesday) 
09.30 – Sunbeams Parents and toddlers group (term time)
14.00 – Knitting group (1st Wednesday)
19.30 – Church Bible Study and Prayer meeting (1st and 3rd Wednesday)
           House groups (2nd and 4th Wednesday)
10.30 – Daytime House group (weekly)
19.30 – House groups (2nd and 4th Thursday)
10.00 – Coffee morning (4th Friday)
       12,00  Lunch Club (2nd Friday)
17.30 – Spectrum group for primary age children (term time)
19.30 – N-ergize group for secondary age children (term time)
19.30 – Prayer for the Persecuted Church (1st Friday)

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