Mothers Day Message

Mothers Day Message

Joe Whitfield

A Mother’s Love

On this Mothering Sunday I want to look at what I believe makes a mother’s love so special. I once watched a programme where young children were asked if they would be willing to eat their least favourite food so that their best friend could have their favourite food. Some children completely refused. Some you could see wanted to do something kind for their friend but couldn’t quite bring themselves to do it. There were some though who despite looking very unhappy and enduring a bit of retching were willing to eat the food.

As I thought about this afterwards, I was struck by what a great act of love this was. The person who ate the food went through a horrible experience where they gained nothing so that someone they loved could have a treat.

As I watch my wife with my son or think of my own mum, I can see this type of love clearly demonstrated again and again. A mother’s love is self-sacrificing. They do things for their child, not because they gain anything by doing it, but because they love so much and want their child to have the best life possible, even when that comes at a cost to themselves. A truly amazing love.

It is a love that can perhaps only be bettered by Jesus’ love. The Bible tells us that Jesus displayed the ultimate act of self-sacrificing love; he died for us. He didn’t do that because he gained anything from it, he suffered in unimaginable ways. But is was so that we might gain an everlasting friendship with him. The gain is all ours.

How do we respond to such love? Some of the friends on the programme who received their treat tucked straight into it seemingly unaware of the sacrifice just made by their friend. Others however stopped and thanked their friend for the love just shown and offered them some of their treat. How often do we stop and show our mums how thankful we are for the love they show us? And have we ever stopped and thanked Jesus for the ultimate act of love he has shown us? Have we come to him and accepted the everlasting friendship his love offers to us?


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